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Rehearsal Tonight Boys!

David Martinez's picture
May 12, 2021 - 1:41pm -- David Martinez

So, okay, not really the normal rehearsal, but what the heck is normal in 2021. What we do now is we check in on each other, talk about some the great times in the past, watch a video or two and really are starting to get into when we can re-enter the new normal singing world. There are people working hard on getting to that point to be sure, more on that soon!

We should mention the hard work of the music team, and especially the champion Gil on getting new music selected, purchased and distributed to the chapter. Brilliant gentlemen! So if you haven't gotten the charts and the tracks, please do so, you need it, trust me, listening to music will help you get back into the swing of things! 

We have a Zoom meeting tonight, you should get an email, although it's the same ID every week, come by for a visit, stay for as long as you want!

Also a shout out to NED for hosting the Granite & Pine Interchapter Zoom last Thursday, nicely done by Dan Falcone (Gil's doppleganger) and a host of others, the NGS had 12 members present at the meeting and Patrick had a beautiful presentation of what the NGS has been up to during the pandemic. 

See you Tonight!

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