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Tomato Staccato

David Martinez's picture
March 3, 2020 - 9:40pm -- David Martinez

We had a great night with Jordan Travis and the marvelous coaching he did for the Chapter. He lead sectionals with leads on "I Wonder As You Wonder" and the leads were able to "lead" when the chorus returned from sectionals and everyone noticed the difference with the confidence and attention to details from the leads. Next Jordan worked with the baritones on a new song to the chorus and although they were concerned with their part and Jordan got them some confidence, direction and they sang pretty well after the sectionals were complete. It is always nice to have a different set of ears and skills in front of the chapter which allows us to grow and improve, thank you Jordan.

This week we have a " normal" rehearsal scheduled, but Ronnie Menard, who runs our Quartet program, has Tomato Staccato coming in to sing for us, they are a mixed quartet from Alington, Massachusetts we are excited to have Ryan, Harmony, Ben and Jeremy with us to sing to take in a Granite Statesmen Chapter Meeting.

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