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Granite and Pine Division Contest, Billerica MA, April 19th 2010

The two photos below capture the high energy performance we delivered for two songs we prepared for the Division contest.

The beautiful ballad Lady in Blue and the up-tune Darkness on the Delta. We have been working on these since early 2010, and this was the first time we had performed them to a public audience. They were very well received, judging by the enthusiastic audience reaction and our own adrenaline rush having completed the set!

We are pleased to confirm this resulted in us winning the Granite and Pine division part of the contest.

The Granite Statesmen on stage for Granite and Pine Division Contest

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Watch two video clips of “A Beautiful Lady In Blue” and “Darkness On The Delta”

Note: The above clips are large files and take a several seconds to initially load the video buffer before playing for the first time, especially on a slow connection. The first video comprises two short, connected segments from the first chorus and then ending.

These contest pictures were taken by Steve Salamin of Keene New Hampshire and are gratefully published here with his permission.